AVID Budget 1.5″ Renegade Lift Kit

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AVID Budget 1.5″ Renegade Lift Kit

The AVID Budget 1.5″ Renegade Lift Kit is designed to cost effectively lift your Jeep Renegade.

The AVID Budget Renegade Lift Kit features uncompromised on road ride quality and stability while providing clearance for larger tires. Compatible with all Renegade vehicle systems including Electronic Stability Control (FMVSS 126). Now your Renegade is ready to hit the trails!

All AVID front and rear lift kit spacers and brackets are powdercoated (2 stage textured poly) or anodized for surface durability; includes plated and stainless hardware; will exceed OE specifications for resistance to the elements.


AVID Budget 1.5″ Renegade Lift Kit Featureset:

– Angled extended rear lower control arm mounts maintain correct rear caster, articulation, and wheel offset.

– Allows for OE alignment specs.

– Includes sway bar end links.

– Strut spacers bolt directly to the OE suspension strut without having to disassemble the strut assembly.

– Fits 28.5” tires without any other modifications and 29.5″ with trimming (inner fender modification).

– Will add up to 1.5″ of lift on a completely stock Jeep Renegade. Actual lift height may vary depending on vehicle weight.

– Corrosion resistant and stainless hardware.

– Fits all North American Renegades including the Trailhawk, 2WD and 4WD, Sport, Latitude, and Limited models/trims.

– All AVID lift kits come with a are warrantied for defects in workmanship and materials. If any part of your kit breaks we’ll send you a new part/kit or buy a competing part/kit if the part is discontinued. Valid for the first owner.

– No welding or drilling is required for installation.





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